Corporate Responsibility

Uncompromising Integrity


The health and safety of our staff, clients and properties we work within are priority number one at Clarion Construction. Our safety training program ensures employees are properly trained, understand site specific safety regulations, are equipped with proper PPE and tools in good working order, have a clear understanding of good housekeeping and its role in safety, and know the procedure for handling emergencies for worst-case scenarios. We attribute our fine safety record to the commitment of our Safety Council who diligently reminds and reinforces Clarion's Safety Program and its initiatives, and to each individual team member who is consistently mindful in his/her everyday duties. Our Safety Council includes:
  • Principle and Safety Council President – Vince Martorano
  • Vice President – Ken Johnson
  • Director – Cliff Brogmus
  • Manager Representatives - Brian Vogt, Michael Asbury, JP Wendt, Greg Settanni
  • Estimator Representatives - Jason Gilham, Sean Griffin
  • Carpentry Field Representative - Andrew Dietrich
  • Glass/Service Field Representative - Steve Preusser
  • Paint Field Representative - James Brogan


Clarion Construction keeps its environmental footprint at a minimum by employing green practices throughout our office, process, and construction sites. We make every effort to reduce waste and endeavor to be paperless relying heavily on email and web-based document sharing. We encourage use of our reusable glassware and dishes and purchase recycled or green products when possible. In the field, we use the most environmentally friendly materials and supplies available, including Green Promise paints with zero VOCs. Materials we use regularly that are made from recycled goods include drywall and steel, which are sourced from local manufacturers in Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. Clarion works with waste management companies to document quantities of trash and recycling in accordance to LEED-EB certification requirements for Solid Waste Management for Alterations and Additions projects with our overall goal of reusing or recycling as much as possible whether a project is LEED certified or not. Clarion Construction is a member of the USGBC (U.S. Green Buildings Council) and our team is made up of several LEED accredited professionals who are qualified and committed to ensuring Clarion does its part in forwarding the movement to create an environmentally conscious construction industry.


Clarion Construction is proud to contribute to a number of local charities and give back to the communities we serve. Some of the worthy causes we support are:
  • The Port Ministries
  • Elgin High School Booster
  • Dupage Senior Citizens Co.
  • Parent Project for MD
  • Greater Chicago Food Despository
  • Heartland Alliance
  • Special Olymics
  • Real Estate Takes Heart
  • CBRE Cares
  • St. John's UCC
  • Imagio Dei Ministries
  • ECC Foundations
  • YMCA Naperville