Capital Improvement Project - Lobby


NAI Hiffman

Property Manager

NAI Hiffman



General Contractor

Clarion Construction, Inc.

Capital Improvement


  • An essential part of the renovation was the radius railing which required edits to the initial design to conform to the existing structural elements.
  • Perfect measurements were critical in the execution of the unique glass elements into the design. One, near the elevators, integrated glass and aluminum panels into the floor covering. Another included Dreamwalls, acid etched back painted glass, used to highlight the elevator corridor walls.
  • Several specified materials for the project had particularly long lead times with a tight client timeline.


  • Clarion Project Manager worked closely and extensively with metal subcontractor to redesign the custom built stainless steel and glass railing while maintaining budget.
  • All glass elements were engineered, purchased and installed by our in-house glazing department specialists.
  • The clarion’s on-site team completed as much of the project as possible around the long lead items. Despite leads spanning from 8-12 weeks, Clarion managed to complete the project in an appropriate and efficient time frame.


  • Custom Radius Railing
  • Touchscreen Directory
  • Painting
  • Dreamwalls
  • Flooring